Keeping Machine Traffic and Pedestrians Safe

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Although we trust that companies train their forklift operators sufficiently before allowing them to drive a forklift, we must also realize that accidents can and will happen. Whether it’s the operators fault because of fatigue, complacency, impairment, etc., or a pedestrians fault by not paying attention where they are going, no business is immune to workplace incidents. However, there are a few ways to mitigate the damage that we recommend: 1. Keep up to date on proper forklift safety techniques and have your operators trained and retrained regularly. Keeping operators up to date on best practices in the work environment can be the difference between life and death. 2. Add  forklift monitoring systems on all your forklifts. There are several of these on the market but we recommend the keytroller version. 3. Install safety lights on all forklifts. This allows drivers of other vehicles as well as pedestrians a warning signal of an impending forklift. These affordable forklift blue lights are suitable for any environment and shine best at 16-20...

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Forklift Trainer Kentucky – How to Improve Forklift Safety in the Workplace

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Too often, businesses and the employees who work for them ignore the seriousness of forklift safety in the workplace. The fact that a forklift does not reach high speeds or move over rough terrain can give the false impression that there are no risks to the driver or to the employees in the facility where the equipment is being operated. In reality, the appropriate safety training for the state the business is operating in should always be a priority. A forklift trainer in Kentucky will have the expertise to teach drivers the best way to drive and operate a forklift to prevent deadly accidents from occurring. Most Common Causes of Forklift Accidents Poorly Trained Operator – Failing to provide adequate training to every employee who operates a forklift is all it takes to lead to an accident. New conditions or products in the workplace, obstacles, or even poor eye sight are just some of the reasons an inexperienced driver is the most common cause of forklift accidents. Going Too Fast – Drivers can become over-confident and go too fast for the load they are carrying or for the space they are driving. Driving with an Elevated Load – Loads should be carried near the ground Turning Incorrectly – Turning corners too quickly can result in load shifting that throws the forklift off balance. Inappropriately Marked Facility – Preventing employees on foot and forklift operators from distinguishing various zones. These risks can be mitigated with professional forklift train the trainer classes Real-Life Examples of Why You Should Hire a Professional Forklift Trainer in Kentucky One example was an incident in Kentucky Where a man was killed when he was loading a semi and was struck by a 2000 pound bag of graphite. Safety training from a professional forklift trainer in Kentucky will not only teach you about the fundamentals of driving the forklift, but also about the laws and regulations that pertain to your state. While OSHA regulations pertain to forklift operators in all states, there are differences in state laws regarding driver certification. For example, drivers in Kentucky are required to become re-certified every three years. What You Will Learn from a Forklift Trainer in Kentucky OSHA regulation markings...

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